Smoothness Of Plastic Mouse Pad

- Aug 18, 2019-

Plastic: Plastic mousepad is the preferred choice for gamers when choosing game peripheral equipment. Because too slippery or too astringent mousepad is not good for small-scale precise operation, rapid movement and precise braking often become the opposite side of performance. At this time, plastic mousepad products are a good compromise.

Plastic mouse pad products in the performance of smoothness is excellent, the operation is also very stable, in the positioning accuracy is relatively high. Plastic mousepad products dirty can be directly washed with water, very convenient. The biggest disadvantage of plastic mousepad is that it is very wear-resistant, especially those who use low mouse speed to move the mouse substantially in the game have a deep understanding of this. Glass and metal mouse pads can be said to be the first high-end game mouse pads, the two materials of mouse pads feel very similar. A common feature is very smooth. Due to the problem of material itself, glass and metal mouse pads almost disappear in the market, but there are still some manufacturers in China to introduce metal mouse pads products.

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