Smoothness Of 3D Mouse Pad

- Aug 13, 2019-

3D Mouse Pad

With a hand bracket, the mouse is more comfortable to use. The hand bracket is generally higher than the mouse pad plane.


Smoothness is divided into two concepts. Shun: Mainly used to measure the smoothness of the mouse pad surface, and whether it can ensure the stable average speed movement of the mouse. Sliding: It refers to the smoothness of the mouse when it moves on the surface of the mouse pad. The higher the sliding degree, the smoother the mouse moves. Quantitatively speaking, the mouse is driven in the same direction and force. The farther the mouse moves, the greater the sliding degree. The factors affecting the slippage are the slippage of the material itself, the shape of the surface texture and the arrangement. This index is also the most important factor affecting the performance of the following indicators. Micromanipulation: Micromanipulation in FPS games refers to the tiny movement of the mouse in a small range. An important factor determining the quality of micromanipulation is the size of the friction force when the mouse starts rapidly, which is called rush. The smaller the friction force, the less difficult the micromanipulation will be, and vice versa. The micromanipulation of RTS games mostly refers to the number of effective operations that players can complete per unit time. The more the number of times, the lower the error rate and the stronger the micromanipulation ability.