Plastic Hooks

- Dec 10, 2020-

There are many small objects in life that can help us save space or time, and make people's lives quick and convenient. Just like the hooks you often see, whether it is a toilet or a kitchen, a hook is essential. . There are many places where hooks can be used, but different types of hooks are used in different places, and there is a very big relationship between the things that plastic hooks need to hang and the types. Here is a detailed introduction to the various types of plastic hooks and where they are used.

1. Snap hooks: divided into different names; paper box hooks, paper card hooks, paper card hooks, paper box hooks, paper bag hooks, snap hooks, plastic snap hooks, plastic snap hooks, plastic hooks, plastic hooks Mainly used on packaging boxes and packaging bags, the usage is simple; just punch a hole in the box and put the snap on it.

  2, plastic sticky hooks: divided into different kinds of names; sticky hooks, plastic sticky hooks, self-sticky hooks, PP sticky hooks, PVC sticky hooks, sticker hooks are mainly used on the carton, directly glued on the carton for easy display.

3. Scarf hooks: divided into different names; scarf hooks, scarf hooks, towel hooks, towel hooks, silk scarf hooks, hooks, and plastic hooks are mainly used for display in major stores. LOG can be printed, material: PP , PS. There are many sizes and the main colors are black, white, semi-transparent, and fully transparent.

4. Display hooks: divided into: F-shaped display hooks, U-shaped display hooks, two-foot display hooks, flat display hooks, double-pole display hooks, three-legged display hooks, toothed hooks, and polished rod hooks are mainly used for display and commodity display racks. , Display cabinets, cartons, hooks on the boxes and other display equipment needed.

5. Shoe hooks: divided into different types; shoe hooks, shoe hooks, plastic shoe hooks, plastic shoe hooks, boot hooks, boot clips, boot hooks, slippers hooks, slippers hooks, plastic hooks, plastic hooks are mainly used for beach shoes Hooks, garden shoe hooks, EVA shoe hooks, flip-flops hooks and close shoe hooks.

6. Socks hooks: divided into; trousers hooks, stocking hooks, sock hooks, single sock hooks, double sock hooks, three sock hooks, four sock hooks, sock hooks, sock hooks, plastic sock hooks, sock material Socks hooks and other major brands of pants hooks can be processed with supplied materials.

7. Supermarket hanging strips: divided into: plastic hanging strips, hanging strips are mainly used for lighter and small commodities in major shopping malls and supermarkets, easy to see, size; 6 hanging, 8 hanging, 10 hanging, 12 hanging, the material is divided into PP, PVS. The thickness of PP: 2MM. The thickness of PVC is divided into: 0, 5MM. 0, 6MM. 0, 8MM hanging strips can make full use of the space to show the charm of the product.

  Some hooks that cannot bear weight are usually plastic hooks, but their styles will look much better. Depending on how people use them, their styles will also vary. There are really countless types of hooks. Depending on how people use them, people usually think of what hooks to use when they buy. Therefore, everyone must have a comprehensive understanding of the hook, so that it will be much more convenient when choosing. Its shape is also regular. It is generally difficult to remember all the plastic hooks. We can follow the shape. memory.