Cleaning Method Of Mouse Pad

- Aug 12, 2019-

Mouse pad is a common computer accessory used by computer users. Mouse pad is dirty and must be cleaned. As an item that computer users often touch with their hands on their calendar, it will become dirty over time. We can see a lot of bacteria on it with a microscope. It's terrible, then we can. Isn't the mouse pad dirty? The answer is yes.

1. When cleaning the mouse pad of rubber cloth, don't use too much force, don't twist it, lay the mouse pad flat, drip some detergent on it and rub it gently with your hands.

2. When cleaning the mouse pad with silica gel wrist protector, put the mouse pad in the water after soaking, drip detergent, gently brush the prominent wrist protector with a soft brush. Generally, the flat part of the mouse pad with wrist protector is not very dirty, and it does not need too much effort when cleaning.