About Gel Pen

- Sep 30, 2020-

The viscosity of the organic solvent in the gel pen refill is lower than that of oil-based pen ink and thicker than water-based pen ink. When writing, the ink passes through the pen tip and turns from semi-solid into liquid ink. The biggest advantage of gel pen ink is that each drop of ink is used on the nib and will not evaporate or leak water, so it can provide a silky smooth writing feeling, and the ink flows smoothly and stably.

Gel pen originated in Japan. In 1988, Japan Pentel Co., Ltd. successfully developed a product called HYBRID, and gel pen was born. Since gel pens have the advantages of both fountain pens and ballpoint pens, they have a comfortable writing feel, so they are very popular with people. In recent years, they have developed rapidly. Not only have they squeezed out fountain pens from the market, they have also replaced ballpoint pens.