Raw material technology of adhesives

- Aug 11, 2019-

Borax can also be divided into powder and granular, and fine-grained borax is the best. Borax is divided into two grades according to its strength. 10 molar borax has 10 water molecules, which is called grade 10 borax. 5 molar borax has 5 water molecules, which is called grade 5 borax. The concentration of 5 molar borax is higher. 5 mole borax of 0.35 kg is equivalent to 10 mole borax of 0.454 kg. If the same amount of borax is used incorrectly, the consequences will be serious. If the borax is added to the raw starch and water emulsion, then the mixture is heated. The starch expands quickly after absorbing water and becomes thicker than without borax.

The amount of borax added has a certain limit, otherwise, it will affect the expansion of starch, gelatinized paste will become brittle, dry in a powder state.